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Can I Add A Window To My House?

A: Most definitely, you can add windows pretty much anywhere that you want to put them in the house. It just depends on what siding, masonry work, or
stucco that’s on the exterior. Generally, if it’s just wood siding, it makes it a lot easier to add windows. But, we can do pretty much anything custom to fit your needs.

Getting replacement windows in San Antonio can be a stressful ordeal for most homeowners. Making important decisions on what type of window, choosing the right energy-efficient windows, and even debating if you need new windows. It can get old fast and discourage you if you don’t have any guidance.

Unfortunately, some window companies in San Antonio want to talk fast, use unfamiliar shop talk and marketing terms when discussing windows with you. We just can’t do that to our neighbors. We’re from right here in San Antonio and we are homeowners just like you.

When we need home improvement services or items for our home like roofing or HVAC,  we want value without all the nonsense and gimmicks. In our experiences, companies that approach you with a lot of double talk and jargon are hiding something. As long as we’ve been in business, we’ve been committed to being transparent. When we discuss windows with you, you won’t need to Google fancy terms or just take our word on things.

That’s why we love doing these FAQ posts—we get to answer YOUR questions with real answers. Not something loaded with marketing terms and a hard sell. So, let’s talk about some things you should know before getting replacement windows in San Antonio. The first thing to do is ask yourself:

Why Do You Need Replacement Windows In San Antonio?

We’re about to tell you something you’ll rarely hear from any window company:

You don’t have to buy replacement windows if you don’t NEED them.

Now, we’re not saying we won’t take a fair day’s pay for installing new windows in your home if you just feel like doing that. What we’re trying to get down to is, what is making you think you need replacement windows?

Are you noticing higher than average electric bills? Seeing condensation on the windows? Are your windows the same ones that came with a new build house? Sometimes, homeowners will think they need new windows when in reality something else might be going on.

For example, energy bills spiking—yes it normally is your windows, but what if it’s not? What if you spend a few grand on windows only to find out it’s your HVAC having leaky ductwork? That’s going to be some serious buyer’s remorse. Let’s be honest, it could create some resentment towards the window installer. You might feel that they knew it wasn’t your windows but they sold you anyway.

We would never sacrifice our reputation for an easy one-time sale—PERIOD.

Our success didn’t come from gimmicky $99 window deals and bait and switch advertising. It came from being transparent and relative with our neighbors. So, when we come to evaluate your home, we make sure your assessment of needing new windows is correct. If it’s not—we’ll tell you.

For example, if your current windows are double-hung, insulated windows and they’re only five years old—you likely don’t need windows. However, if those windows are leaking, you may need to replace a defective window if there’s no warranty. Do you need to do the whole house for one window? No way!

We wanted to set the tone here early so that you realize we’re not going to sell you windows you don’t need. Of course, if you won the lottery, and just want to go all out with the top-of-the-line windows—we’d love to show off our work.

So, if you’re pretty sure that you do indeed need replacement windows, in San Antonio we are your trusted window experts. Let’s talk about a couple of things to consider before you choose your windows.

How Long Will Replacement Windows Last?

While there are many high-quality windows available when building a new home or remodeling you can’t determine service life from appearance. A lot of economy or builder’s windows have some nice aesthetics, high-end looking even. However, you can fix up a junk car on the outside and it will look great curbside—but it’s still a junk car.

These cheap windows are mass-produced to meet the bare minimum building codes and standards. The old saying goes though— good is never cheap and cheap is never good. Those windows tend to fail within three years and are inefficient. They have single pane glass, low insulation values, and substandard balance systems that fail quickly. 

Also, companies that push these windows might not have the most experienced installation teams either. Even a luxury window installed improperly will be useless and fail fast. So if you find a deal that’s too good to be true—you’re right, it’s probably not.

At The Window Source Of San Antonio our windows are manufactured right here in the U.S. with strict quality guidelines. They’re installed by certified teams that are bonded and insured and have decades of combined experience.

Is It Better To Replace All My Windows At Once?

This is an often asked question but honestly, it’s subjective and dependent on your budget. Some people choose to break it up and install only the front-facing windows first. Then, later when they have more funds, they replace the back. We’ve done plenty of jobs like this and while we do offer some great specials—sometimes your budget just isn’t there.

We’re ok with that and you should be too—don’t ever let anyone pressure you into doing them all at once. We’ll give your our best price to replace all your windows at once. We’ll show you our great financing offers, and then we leave it up to you. You want to do half and half? You got it!

How Do I Choose The Right Replacement Windows In San Antonio?

Deciding on windows comes with a lot of information you need to process. However, choosing comes down to four main factors.


Most replacement windows are made of wood, fiberglass, or vinyl. Wood is a great choice if you’re wanting to match the wood trim already on your house. However, wood can rot, needs constant painting, and let’s not forget—termites. Fiberglass on the other hand is the most durable with the longest lifespan but also the most expensive. That leaves us at vinyl, the most popular making up 75% of window sales. Vinyl is long-lasting, durable, comes in many colors, and is still budget-friendly while being high-quality.

Window Type
There are quite a wide array of window types you can install as well. Double-hung is the top choice in San Antonio. They tilt in for easy cleaning without ladders, or going outside and can open from the top or bottom for a breeze. Sliders are another option that are a good choice for homes designed for them. An older style, crank-out windows are seeing a resurgence in popularity. This is both due to their versatility and the fact that they are the most energy efficient .  

Glass Choices
No matter which window you go with, the glass panes are critical and play a huge role in efficiency. Low emissivity coatings, referred to as “Low-E,” are a must for efficiency. They allow heat into your home during winter but reflect the heat away in summer. That translates into huge savings on energy bills. 

Budget Constraints
When it comes to choosing replacement windows for your home buy half now and half later if you must, but do not take shortcuts on the glass. It is the most critical element that will save you money on electricity.

Replacement Windows In San Antonio Made Easy

The easier way to go about buying new windows and feeling confident that you covered your bases and got the best deal, is to call us. The Window Source Of San Antonio spends as much time as needed with you when choosing the windows for your home. We give you unfiltered advice that is tailored to the needs and budget you disclose to us. That’s how we can offer our best price guarantee. Contact us today for more info and to schedule a free estimate.