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How Long Does It Take To Install A Window?

A: Generally, a window takes roughly 30-45 minutes depending on if it’s an aluminum, wood, or steel sash. Those can add 30-45 minutes per window.

We understand that you want to invest in your home both in curb appeal and efficiency. However, your time is valuable as well. Many homeowners, aside from pricing, ask us right away, “but how long will it take?” We completely get that. You want to be able to plan your schedule accordingly and get a quality install done.

If this is you and you are wondering how long it’s going to take, then this is the blog post for you. However, at Window Source of San Antonio, we’re never content with just giving a quick answer and then leave you hanging.

We like to tell you the answer, then tell you why it is what it is. We also like you to know what goes into the installation of your windows. We’ll cover your expectations and clue you in on things you can expect from us.

Ready? Grab a coke and let’s get into this. By the end, you’ll know exactly how install day will go and how we make replacement windows in San Antonio so easy.


Installing Replacement Windows In San Antonio

As Moses said, each window takes about 30-45 minutes for vinyl windows in San Antonio. If it’s wood, aluminum, or steel it can take about 1-1.5 hours. Beware of installers that claim to be able to get 10-14 windows done in just a couple of hours. That’s unrealistic, and if they’ll be misleading on something that minor—what else are they misleading you on?

The fact of the matter is, even the most advanced replacement windows in San Antonio are useless if not installed properly. We’d rather run a little long on your installation and get it done right than to have a window fail in 3 months. In most cases, we can install up to 15 windows in your home in one day.

Many factors come into play that can affect window installations. You’d be surprised how much attention to details from the get-go can make such a huge impact on install day.

Window Installation Timeline

Once you sign the installation contract, we will measure the window openings in your home. We double and triple-check measurements to ensure we send the right measurements to our factory.

Your custom-fit windows are then ordered, and we’ll call you to book your installation date once they arrive. We’ll explain how the installation day will go over the phone, and how much time you need to allow for. This way you can choose an install date that will interfere the least with your schedule.

On installation day we’ll come out and do a brief walk around the property and move any obstacles and prep our work area. We make sure to leave your property just as we find it, without a trace of us being there.

We begin the actual process by carefully removing your old windows and old caulk. Once all your old windows are removed we carefully stage your replacement windows at each install location. Our certified installers carefully install your new windows. We make sure they are level, insulate any cavities around the frame, and then anchor them in place. Once that is done, we seal the exterior using trim soil and clear silicone caulking. The final step in installation is capping your windows if you’ve chosen that optional add-on.

Capping is a very popular option, you can think of it as a veneer for the casing of your windows. This is something ordered with your windows as it is completely custom-fit. It leaves you with maintenance-free windows and protects the window from water penetration as well.

Factors That Can Affect Installation Of Replacement Windows In San Antonio

Most of you reading this were probably a bit concerned knowing your home will be exposed to the elements for several hours. So, when trying to estimate how long it will take to install replacement windows in San Antonio you need to consider some important factors.


One factor that can impact installation times is when you decide to get your windows replaced. Summer is the absolute peak for replacement windows in San Antonio. That can impact everything from manufacturing to installation lead times. Additionally, with the domino effect of COVID-19, supply lines are experiencing shortages in materials. Truck drivers are in short supply as well, so getting items delivered is impacted too. We’re happy to report that our contingency plans and worst-case scenario planning have paid off. We have experienced very little delay in manufacturing times or installations.

Specialty Windows

Also, the type of windows you order can make a difference in the lead time for manufacturing. For example, an odd-shaped bay window will need more lead time to manufacture than a standard-sized double-hung window. It will also take longer to install as it requires most of the team to secure the window into place.

How To Prepare Your Home For Installation

One of the biggest factors that are out of our control that can affect installation is accessibility in your home. That is why we emphasize that throughout the process—we need full, unobstructed access to your home. This allows us to get our work done as accurately and quickly as possible. We don’t want to eat up any more of your time than necessary. So, here’s a few tips for preparing your home when getting replacement windows in San Antonio installed.

Maintain A Clear Work Path

We kindly ask that you ensure a clear work path for our installation team. Make sure there’s ample space inside near each window. Replacement windows are heavy and a clear work area is essential for safety and timely installation. Also remove anything blocking the front of your windows such as plants, heavy yard art or furniture, etc.

Keep Doors Unlocked

Our install team will need unfettered access to go in and out of your home as window installations require external and internal access. Window Source of San Antonio is fully licensed, insured, and bonded. We take extra steps to keep your home clean while working inside and are very respectful of your property.


Remove Art And Decoration From Walls

We cannot stress this enough, we will be working on your windows with power tools. That can create vibration along your walls causing decorations or paintings to fall. Please temporarily set those things aside somewhere safe until installation is complete.

Remove Window Treatments

We can remove window treatments for you, but it saves a lot of time if you have them removed already. Blinds, drapes or any other window treatments will take extra time to remove and some longer than others.

Remove Entry And Glass Break Sensors

If you have a home security system, make sure the alarm is off and that you carefully remove all sensors. If the sensors are still on the windows when we arrive it will add a significant amount of time to the install.

Get The Best Replacement Windows In San Antonio

The best way to ensure a great installation of your new windows is to hire the best window company in San Antonio. The Window Source Of San Antonio is a company committed to success through superior service. We go the extra mile to ensure your expectations are exceeded.

Contact us today to get a free estimate on beautiful, energy-efficient replacement windows for your home.