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What Are The Best Windows To Put In Your Home?

A: The most energy-efficient windows of course are going to be the best. So, we offer a 100% virgin vinyl product backed with a lifetime warranty that helps protect against any defects on the product itself. So, vinyl is going to be your best bet.

Have you been searching the web for information on replacement windows in San Antonio? You’ve probably come across a lot of information regarding vinyl windows, especially in head-to-head comparisons with wood or aluminum windows.

On that same token, there’s also a lot of misinformation you’ve likely come across regarding vinyl windows in San Antonio. We’ll assume there’s the common myth that they warp in Texas heat, they aren’t tough, or that wood is simply “superior.”

Busting Myths About Vinyl Windows In San Antonio

Well, just like we tell you to, “let them old windows go.” Today, we’re here to tell you to, “let them old myths go!” If you’ve been considering vinyl windows for your home and aren’t sure whats truth or myth—read on. We’re going to break it down for you and bust some myths about vinyl windows in San Antonio.

Vinyl Windows Warp: FALSE

Honestly, this myth is probably the most pervasive in our industry and it stems from a misunderstanding of what vinyl is. People hear the word vinyl and they think of your everyday plastic like milk bottles and kids toys.

However, the vinyl we use is not flimsy, not fragile, and does not warp. In fact, it’s short for polyvinyl chloride or, PVC. Does that sound a bit more familiar now? It’s the same PVC found in durable pipes found in your plumbing system. Also, this myth comes from certain manufacturers of substandard vinyl windows. They are your $99 windows guys and yes, their windows warp—but it’s not the vinyl’s fault.

You see vinyl can be recycled or reshaped once it’s been formed into a profile previously or from scraps. The problem is that vinyl has a fair amount of memory to it. This means, when distorted or bent, it tries to return to the shape it was poured to originally. Also, recycled vinyl isn’t pure PVC it always contains other substances which can affect durability.

So, when these guys cut corners and use vinyl that’s been reformed or repurposed, it’s going to try to return to its shape. This is not due to the heat at all, as heat has no bearing on PVC whatsoever.

At The Window Source, we only use virgin vinyl windows— in a nutshell, pure vinyl, from scratch. So, when our frames are created, they’re built to last.

They’re Not Durable: FALSE

Vinyl windows don’t weigh nearly as much as wood and because of this simple fact, people equate it with being weak. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth as vinyl windows in San Antonio are workhorses. Again, it’s the same PVC in your pipes. In comparison, during a freeze PVC pipes are fine, it’s the metal ones that burst. That should tell you all you need to know about the durability of vinyl windows. Similarly, vinyl windows are superior at insulating your home from the cold air in winter and the scorching heat here in summer. They can take the beating of a Texas thunderstorm with golfball size hail and come through unscathed. You can’t say that about wood and metal windows, they’ll look like it was a war zone. Even though we offer a lifetime warranty on our vinyl windows in San Antonio, we hardly get a claim.

These windows simply work and work well for upwards of at least 20 years with very little maintenance other than cleaning. That is a far cry from wood windows which can warp when exposed to humidity, and need frequent painting.

That being said, wood windows, if you’re lucky, might last 10-20 years—but with extensive maintenance. Aluminum may last upwards of 20 years, but they’re horrible at insulating. Also after one beating from a hail storm—they’re going to look like garbage. Those dings and dents affect more than the aesthetics, they can cause the window not to seal properly anymore.

Vinyl Windows Are Bulky And Have Less Glass: FALSE

We really can’t explain how this myth came about except due to once again—shady window companies. The only way you lose glass space with vinyl windows is if your installers take shortcuts.

Many installers work on volume, they want to get in, get out, get your money and never look back. What they do is instead of removing your old frame as they should, they shove the new windows into your old frame.

This completely defeats the purpose of buying new windows, and in our opinion is downright deceptive. When it’s done like this, then yes, you will lose glass space and your efficiency may suffer as well.

However, when your old frames are removed as they should be, and you get new frames as well as windows—it’s an upgrade. You’ll get a much nicer view and some of our windows even offer panoramic views.

Vinyl Windows Don’t Look As Nice: FALSE

This one falls into the “stop living in the past” bucket of vinyl windows myths. Yes, when vinyl windows first came out they were only available in white. But that was in THE 1970S!

Vinyl windows in San Antonio homes can be found in a wide variety of colors. And guess what—you don’t have to paint them often like wood! There’s even vinyl frames that have a wood grain finish that will make you do a double-take. So if you’re one of those that are comparing vinyl windows based on the 1970’s versions—live in the now. Our windows are beautiful, durable, and can suit any style. No matter what your décor, we have a color to complement your home.

You Can’t Customize Them: FALSE

Again, back in the Delorean going back to 1985. Vinyl windows for about a decade after their inception weren’t available in many styles. They were mainly available in whatever styles most home builders were using.

However, with the rising trends in custom home builders using window designs like double-hung, bay windows, and garden windows—that changed. Now, and for the last, nearly 35 years, vinyl windows come fully customizable.

Wood Is The Best Window Material: FALSE

Sure wood windows are beautiful and have a nice traditional feel to them—until they don’t. With Texas thunderstorms, your wood windows absorb a lot of moisture. It’s not uncommon for us to have a downpour and then jump to sunny and 98°. That humidity and heat combo is wreaking havoc on your wood frames. Eventually, they begin to crack and warp. Oh, and did we mention—TERMITES? I think we’ve made our point here.

Get Vinyl Windows In San Antonio And Let Them Old Windows Go!

Our vinyl windows marry value, performance, and style to create the perfect replacement window. Not to mention, your home will run more efficiently, cutting down on the electric bill.

Contact us today to get a free in-home estimate to replace your old windows with vinyl windows from The Window Source!