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Are Vinyl Windows Good In Texas?

A: Absolutely! Our windows are made with virgin vinyl frames to withstand the heat and the climate here in Texas—especially here in San Antonio.

All of our windows come with double pane, double strength glass, and Argon gas-filled. They do come with a lifetime warranty as well. We do offer lifetime labor and of course, the warranty is transferrable also.

If you’re shopping around for replacement windows in San Antonio you’ve likely heard of vinyl windows. Now, it’s very easy to get caught up in some misinformation on the internet that says vinyl windows aren’t good windows for Texas climates.

Well, that’s just flat-out wrong. In fact, vinyl replacement windows in San Antonio are a perfect balance of value and durability for our hot climate.

This misconception is something that just doesn’t seem to go away and it stems from early vinyl windows—like the 1970s. In those days, vinyl windows were not as advanced as they are today. They were made cheaply with recycled vinyl and yes, would tend to warp in high temperatures.

However, that’s not because they were vinyl but the type of vinyl that was used back then. Vinyl itself is very resilient in extreme temperatures, however, vinyl also has a memory of sorts. What we mean is that vinyl, once formed from a liquid resin into the shape needed, will tend to always retain that shape.

Even if you try to reform it into something else, it will end up warping over time. However, that’s where our vinyl is different.

The Best Replacement Windows In San Antonio Are Made From Virgin Vinyl

Yes, you read that right—virgin vinyl. What does that mean? It means that our windows are not made from recycled vinyl which can warp. It does this because once you mold vinyl into something, even when you melt it and reshape it, it will warp eventually. Not our window frames. Ours are made with a virgin vinyl resin that’s never been molded before.

Because of this fact, the vinyl windows we install will never warp under normal usage. They will retain their structure and strength for decades. While that is the top benefit of using vinyl replacement windows in San Antonio, there are many more benefits.

Vinyl Windows Are Tough

The longevity of replacement windows in San Antonio is an important factor when shopping around. Our virgin vinyl windows are incredibly durable with a lifespan of upwards of 50+ years. We stand behind our windows with a lifetime warranty on every window we install. You can rest assured that the windows you buy today will be the same ones you’re enjoying for a lifetime.

Virgin vinyl can also weather all conditions that Texas can throw at them. With radical temperature swings, high winds, and major thunderstorms, San Antonio is a testing ground for window durability.

Vinyl windows are impact resistant, and won’t dent easily during hail storms or an impromptu backyard game of catch. They are also unaffected by moisture and do not attract termites or carpenter ants like traditional wood windows.

What does this mean for you? It means that these windows will be a one-time investment that will add value to your home and give you peace of mind.

Are there less expensive windows out there? Sure, but as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.” There are some questionable companies out there that love to advertise their $99.00 replacement windows in San Antonio.

However, we can guarantee you that those windows aren’t anywhere near the quality of the vinyl windows we install. In fact, many of the installations we do are to replace those gimmick windows because they’re just not a good product at all.

Your best bet is to have realistic cost expectations and contact The Window Source to get the best windows at the best price available.

Vinyl Windows Are Stylish

Vinyl windows are available in many different finish varieties including textured, smooth, and simulated wood grain. They are also available in a wide range of colors to match any home exterior color scheme. You no longer are limited to white or beige windows anymore. So, feel free to jazz it up a bit and add a complementary color to your home’s exterior.

Inexpensive To Own

Vinyl windows are very easy to maintain, in fact, they really don’t require much maintenance at all. If they’re installed properly, all you need to do is clean the glass, and screens, and occasionally clean and lubricate the track. That’s all it takes, and you’ll have beautiful, long-lasting windows for life.

Our Vinyl Windows VS…

Compared to other types of window materials, vinyl offers the perfect balance of cost and durability. Could you buy more expensive or less expensive windows? As we’ve covered already, sure you could, but is the tradeoff worth it? Let’s find out:

Vinyl vs. Aluminum

Aluminum windows are similar in appearance only to vinyl, and even then, only from a distance. However, they aren’t even in the arena. Vinyl replacement windows look noticeably thicker and sturdier than aluminum—and they are.

While vinyl is resistant to cracking and fading, aluminum lends itself to fading and dents quite easily, especially with hail. And when they dent, the finish on the aluminum chips off to reveal bare metal. It looks pretty tacky and then you have to spend money to repaint them.

Vinyl vs. Wood

While high-quality wood windows can last a long time, they aren’t very convenient and require a lot of maintenance. That maintenance normally means painting, which is a long ordurous process. You have to sand all the windows to get the existing paint off. Then, you have to apply primer and let it dry. Once that is done, then you can paint the windows. It’s usually a two-day task and the paint, while not terribly expensive, is still another expense. Additionally, they are vulnerable to termites and must be repainted often to look fresh.

Vinyl windows, on the other hand, need no painting, aren’t vulnerable to termites, and unlike wood, their frames will never warp. Wood windows are also susceptible to rot and fungus growth whereas vinyl suffers from none of that.

Vinyl vs. Composite

The only window type that comes close to vinyl is newer composite windows. Made from a polymer-resin composite, they are as durable as vinyl and come in many colors as well.

Sounds perfect right? Well, here’s where the reality sets in—composite windows are insanely expensive in exchange for only minor upgrades such as looking a bit more like natural wood. Unless you have a designated historic home, this small benefit doesn’t justify the high price tag for most.

You can get more bang for your buck with vinyl windows that look fantastic and deliver outstanding efficiency.

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