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How Can You Tell If You Have An Argon Leak?

A: The way that it’s detected on an older window is if you see fogging or condensation that’s built up between the glass. On our windows, you’ll see the same thing if there’s a seal failure. You’ll see a discoloration of the film or fogging and condensation in between the two panes.

If you’re a homeowner thinking about buying new windows in San Antonio, you’ll have no shortage of window options. There’s windows for every budget, but that doesn’t mean all windows are created equally.

In Texas, we deal with the heat nearly year-round—especially this summer with records for high temperatures falling every week. Couple that with the rising cost of energy and the energy efficiency of your windows becomes a key factor.

Sure, you can find those $100 window deals all over town from sketchy window companies. The old saying goes, “you get what you pay for.” Those windows are the lowest quality you can buy and won’t do a thing to keep the heat out of your home.

What Do The Best New Windows In San Antonio Do Different?

When you shop with the Window Source, our standard, base windows are premium quality. The features we include in the price are features other companies might upcharge for. Our windows are made of high-quality glass with exceptional clarity and no visual distortion.

The frames are made of virgin vinyl which is different than those $100 window gimmicks. Vinyl has a memory to it. Once it is shaped into something it tends to remember that shape even if reformed into another shape.

Our Frames Are Tough, Premium Vinyl

The frame is the foundation of any new window as it’s the main supporting structure. Without the frame the window does not function, it holds it all together, so it needs to be durable.

When it comes to durability that’s long-lasting and affordable—our vinyl frames are always the frontrunner. However, not just any vinyl will do. Some of those cheap windows do not use the best vinyl there is—virgin vinyl.

That means the vinyl has not been recycled or re-purposed for a window frame. The reason that’s an issue is that vinyl has a memory to it. Once it’s molded to a certain shape, over time, it wants to return to that shape. When you recycle vinyl for window frames, eventually they will warp in an attempt to revert to their prior shape.

Our vinyl is manufactured specifically for our windows and has never been molded before, that’s why it’s called virgin vinyl. The first and only shape it will be molded into is our window frames and they maintain that shape for upwards of 30 years! That’s crucial for our windows to withstand the tough environment south Texas brings to the table.

Windows made with re-purposed vinyl are less expensive, but what’s the point if they warp so easily? So, it’s really not a bargain if you’re having to replace the windows every few years. When you buy new windows in San Antonio from The Window Source, the vinyl is always virgin, even on our standard windows. It’s taken from the liquid form and molded specifically for your window specs and measurements.

But what makes our windows a real bargain, is the energy efficiency that comes from the virgin vinyl frames and our glass panes. We always give you at least double-paned glass that has an airtight chamber seal between the panes. That chamber is filled with Argon gas for a huge advantage over plain, air-filled double-paned windows.

To fully appreciate that feature, you need to understand what Argon gas is. Why it’s better than air, and how it works when you get new windows in San Antonio that are filled with it.

What Is Argon Gas?

Argon is a gaseous element that is extracted from the earth’s atmosphere. It’s not expensive, not toxic, and has no odor. It has one other huge advantage as well—it does not conduct heat well at all.

What does that mean to your new windows? Well, we fill the space between the two panes of glass, which is called a gas fill. Argon is pumped in through a tiny hole on the spacer, since it’s 1.4 times heavier than air, it pushes the air out. All that’s left within the two panes is the Argon gas.

Why Is Argon Gas Used in Windows?

As mentioned, Argon gas does not conduct heat as easily as air does, so it makes for an excellent insulator. During the hot summers in San Antonio, it blocks much of the heat transfer from the glass panes. In the winter, it prevents your windows from frosting up at the bottom as well.

Is Argon Gas Safe?

Argon occurs naturally in the atmosphere, not only is it non-toxic, but it is non-reactive. If the window seal were to break, the gas would dissipate easily and not pose harm to humans or animals.

How Long Does Argon Gas Last in Windows?

Argon is a very dense gas and should have no problem lasting 25 years or more in a well-built window. Even if after 30 years, only a small amount of Argon remains, it is still very effective.

If you’re ever concerned about the level of Argon in your windows from the Window Source we’ll take care of it. Just give us a call and we’ll make sure everything is working properly.

If you’re considering new windows in San Antonio because you’re seeing fogginess and condensation it’s probably a broken seal. That would make the Argon completely leak out allowing for that condensation to happen.

Benefits of Low-E and Argon Gas Filled Windows

Window Source windows take insulation a step further on our standard windows with Low-E coating. Low-E stands for low emissivity, which means that it prevents heat transfer by reflecting UV rays and infrared light. It’s a metallic film that does not affect visibility in your windows at all and does all its work without being seen.

This coating serves dual purposes though. In the summer, it prevents heat from coming in from the outside. However, during cold winters, it’s reversed, it keeps the heat in your home from escaping out into the cold.

Another benefit of the Low-E coating is that by blocking the UV rays, it keeps your interiors from fading. UV light causes carpet, furniture, fabric, and more to fade, leaving colors dull and washed out. Low-E coating blocks all that out but still can let in natural light without harm from the UV rays.

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