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Should I Replace All Windows At Once?

A: It’s best to get the best energy rating at that point. But, with a money situation maybe you may not necessarily have to do it all at once. However, it does help in terms of energy efficiency you want to make sure you get the whole house done at once. If you can’t afford the whole house though, we can do four, six, or eight at a time.

Every home has its quirks and even flaws. Some of those flaws add to the unique look of the home and others you just deal with them. But when it comes to leaky, drafty, or flat-out, broken windows—most agree they gotta go.

Now, many people ask us something like this— “Two of our windows are broken, should we replace all our windows then?” The truth is, it really depends on your situation. For example, if all of your windows are cheap contractor windows or old single panes—then the answer is always a resounding YES!

What if though, you have energy-efficient windows already? What if your windows are already top-of-the-line in efficiency and a storm just broke a couple?

These are all plausible situations, we will help you cover as you get a quick rundown on window replacement in San Antonio from our expert installation techs. We will help you decide whether you need all your windows replaced or can get by with just a couple for now.

There are a few main reasons why replacement windows in San Antonio homes are needed throughout a home’s lifetime. Once you nailed down the reasons you are seeking new windows the ultimate decision becomes a lot clearer.

Getting Replacement Windows In San Antonio For Style

When you buy a new home, the most important aspect of the home is, “will I enjoy this house?” Issues and flaws you notice only after closing can give you a bad dose of buyer’s remorse.

For example, windows in San Antonio homes that don’t match updated exteriors are a real eyesore. Imagine giving a home a Spanish-style makeover, but leaving colonial-style windows? Believe it or not, it happens more often than you think in San Antonio home renovations. A homeowner has a grand idea and attempts to achieve it in phases, then something comes up and they have to move, or run out of funds. The mismatch can lower the value of a home drastically.

So naturally, when it comes to replacement windows in San Antonio for added curb appeal— you have to decide which option is better for your budget and design constraints.

Replacing A Single Window

Let’s say you take the window-by-window approach due to your smaller budget. Replacing an outdated inefficient window with an attractive new high-efficiency window is going to give a boost to your curb appeal. Here’s the problem though, it’s going to look mismatched with the rest of your home. We strongly recommend against this approach.

However, if this is the route you must take, start with the back windows first and work your way around the front. Driving up your driveway every day and seeing mismatched windows is going to gnaw at you. When it comes to single replacement windows in San Antonio one by one, the rule is out of sight, out of mind. If you can’t afford to upgrade your entire house with windows, there is a bit of a compromise.

Go For Multiple Windows

You can give your home an instant upgraded look with replacement windows in San Antonio by just replacing the front windows. Sure, the back windows will not match, but how often do people see the backside of your home? Once you save up again, you can then go back and bring the back windows up to date. One tip though— use the same San Antonio window replacement company to make sure you get the same models you have in front. Also, try not to wait more than a year to avoid your style being discontinued.

Financing Deals From The Window Source San Antonio Can Make Whole-Home Window Replacement Possible!

If you want to avoid all of the complications of upgrading piece by piece. The Window Source of San Antonio does have great financing options. With interest rates as low as 0% you can be on your way to having the most beautiful and efficient replacement windows in San Antonio boosting the curb appeal of your home in as little as one day!

Replacement Windows In San Antonio For Function

Often when buying new windows, it’s not just for the looks. Often a window or several of your windows may not be working properly. Whether it’s worn, defective, or just old and inefficient—it needs to be replaced to avoid even more problems down the road and ironically, to save you money.

Windows that let warm air in during summer and cold air in during winter can end up costing you a significant amount in heating and cooling costs as well as wear out your HVAC over time. So, in actuality, shopping for new windows can indeed save you money in the long run.

Functions Good Replacement Windows In San Antonio Should Have:

  • Dual Or Triple Pane Gas-Filled Glass – For better insulation
  • Low-E Coating – To reduce UV light transmission
  • Double Hung – Offers the ability to open from top or bottom, perfect for San Antonio’s stormy season.

Single Or Multiple Windows For Function?

When it’s just a single window giving you problems you may just be fine replacing that one window, especially if it’s already a high-efficiency window. You will save immediately on energy costs and cause less stress for yourself. However, if that single window is an old, outdated window you may want to look at the other windows as well to see what condition they are in.

Wear in windows varies from one to another on a home depending on the elements they are exposed to, how often they are used, the amount of UV ray exposure, etc.

If multiple windows are having the same issues with functionality, it may be a better decision to look into our financing options and replace all of your windows and watch your energy costs go down. In some cases, the money you save in energy costs can offset the cost of new replacement windows in San Antonio with the hot summers we have.

Which Replacement Window Model Is Cheaper?

This is a question best answered in person, because like most things in life—it’s a variable answer. What we can tell you though, is that good is never cheap, and cheap is never good. There are however great window models at many reasonable price points.

Every San Antonio home is different and will have different needs and unique features we would need to match up with windows that suit those features. Ultimately choosing the right window models and whether to replace window by window or go for a whole-home window replacement depends on your budget and options.

Find Out What Our Replacement Windows Can Do For Your Home!

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