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What Are Night Latches?

A: Well, those are these little guys right here on our window. So, these are to ventilate without worrying that someone’s going to waltz right in. It takes 250lbs of pressure to break these and we can also do it from the top.

So that way, if you want to ventilate and maybe take a nap or run to the store, you can do that and still feel comfortable somebody’s not going to come right in.

One of the biggest concerns people have with vinyl replacement windows is security—until we break down our windows for them. They hear the word, “vinyl” and automatically think plastic, or weak and easy to break into. Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s just not the case.

In fact, while we’d like to tout that night latches are exclusive security features to our windows—that’s also not the case. Most decent vinyl replacement windows come with night latches as they’re a common security feature.

However, our windows are a cut above most of our competitors in several ways. Many of those distinctions actually reinforce the security of our vinyl replacement windows.

How Our Vinyl Replacement Windows Are Different

Most of the windows we sell are double hung, which means both the bottom and top sash open for better venting.  We do have other windows available including single hung, picture windows, bay windows, and other special order styles.

Regardless of the style you choose, all of our windows include Low-E3 glass. This is a high-performance glass that has a transparent coating that reflects heat. In between the panes of glass is Argon gas that is trapped inside. This boosts energy efficiency to an extreme level and helps to increase the comfort in your home.

Where our vinyl replacement windows pull away from the pack comes down to metal—heavy metal. Yes, vinyl replacement windows are not completely made from vinyl—we reinforce the frame with heavy metal. This is something that most of our competitor’s windows simply don’t have. Because there is no metal reinforcement in their windows, over time the window frame will sag at the center bar.

It’s such a prevalent problem that there’s even a term for it used industry-wide—smiling. When you get your vinyl replacement windows from The Window Source of San Antonio, you smiling is a good thing. However, if you bought windows elsewhere—smiling is a bad sign of a cheap window.

On those cheap windows, when the center bar that has no reinforcement begins to sag, it can begin to allow water in when it rains. This leads to a domino effect of issues that lead to total window failure.

You just don’t have that issue with our windows—they are built to last and even come with a lifetime warranty to back them up. Some of the extra lengths we go to give you the best vinyl replacement windows in San Antonio include:

Extra Thick Glass

The thickness of the glass we use is crucial to the security, acoustics, and energy efficiency of our windows. The thickness of the glass panes on our windows is 3.2 millimeters which are far greater than most others at only 2.5 millimeters. The thickness our competitors use is referred to as “single-strength.” Additionally, we include a 5/8” spacer between the panes which brings the overall thickness to a whopping 7/8 of an inch. Thicker glass means better sound insulation, better overall insulation, and greater durability.

Our Frames Are Thicker

Our frames are one of the thickest vinyl frames in the San Antonio market and Texas overall. While most of our competitor’s frames are only 60/1000 of an inch, ours are 75/1000 of an inch! This is crucial because while vinyl is very energy-efficient, it’s not strong, so the thickness is a critical factor.

If you want windows like ours that will last for decades and are backed up by a lifetime warranty, you want that thick frame. Again, vinyl—extremely energy efficient, but not very strong, so we reinforce it heavily.

We’d rather sell a quality product at a realistic price than sell you a gimmicky “99-dollar window that will last maybe two years if lucky. In fact, a lot of our installations are replacing a home that got sold on those cheap windows only a few years before.

Superior Non-Metal Spacers Only

We are one of the few installers in San Antonio that offer windows with a non-metal glass spacer that is insulated. Why does that make a difference? Well, because the standard metal spacer systems simply don’t last and it leads to seal failures. Our windows use what is called a Superspacer non-metal material and has an exceptional track record.

 Concealed Balances

There are three main variations of balances (the systems that lift vinyl replacement windows) used in Texas. The least often used variant is a corkscrew-based spring,  like the cheap old aluminum windows from the ’80s. The second kind we see from our competitors is a block and tackle variant. While it’s a significant improvement to the corkscrew,  it comes along with its downfalls also.

Block & tackle is a pulley-based design with a nylon string. While the pulleys are fairly dependable, the nylon string wears out fairly quickly rendering the window inoperable.

The third type is the kind that our windows use is a concealed balance. It’s a stainless steel spring that is coiled and will let out and retract on its own. Since it’s stainless steel, it’s both strong and resistant to corrosion. We have yet to see one fail on their own without human error or neglect as the culprit.

Our Vinyl Replacement Windows Are The Standard

If you want to know more about how our windows stack up against the competition we’d be happy to show you in person. We’re happy to meet you at your home, or you can come visit our state-of-the-art showroom right here in San Antonio. Just contact us and schedule your free consultation for vinyl replacement windows from The Window Source of San Antonio. We’ll get you a quote and let you know your options so you can Let Them Old Windows Go!