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What If Your Window Doesn’t Lock?

A: A lot of the time it could be because the window is not closed properly. Keep in mind with a double hung window, the top and bottom do function.

So, you want to make sure that the top is pushed all the way up and the bottom is pushed all the way down. That way, it interlocks perfectly when you try and lock the window.

When your windows in San Antonio won’t lock it’s more than just an annoyance, it’s a security risk as well. Window locks, when working properly provide a strong and secure barrier to forcing a window open. So, when the locks aren’t functioning at all, you must address the issue as soon as possible.

It may be just a simple matter of repositioning the window sash or you may need to replace the locks themselves. Either way, it’s not something you want to overlook as it puts your security at risk.

The first step in fixing a window lock that won’t work is troubleshooting the issue to determine the cause.

Why Windows In San Antonio Might Not Lock

Before you get ahead of yourself and just replace the lock you may be performing an unnecessary repair. Furthermore, not all windows in San Antonio fail to lock due to the lock itself. So you need to consider external factors that might be causing the problem.

One of the first things you want to also consider is that your windows may simply be so dirty that there is an obstruction. We don’t mean dirty glass, we mean buildup and debris within the frame.

Whether you have new replacement windows in San Antonio or old, wood, or aluminum frame windows, they get debris built up. So, clean the entire window and the frame paying special attention to the window channels and interior of the sill.

Dirt or debris may be causing the window not to close all the way. Even just being slightly misaligned can cause most windows in San Antonio to miss the latch when trying to lock them. If you don’t feel any resistance when locking, it usually means the windows aren’t aligned.

Once you’ve done that, if you still can’t get it to lock then you need to consider some external factors that come into play. These factors can include:

Foundation Shifting

San Antonio and the state of Texas, in general, are known to have a topography that causes foundations to shift often, especially slab concrete foundations. When your house shifts it also causes pressure to be exerted on window frames.

This pressure distorts the frame and throws off the alignment of the window sashes. Even if it’s a luxury, high-end window, there’s not a window on the market impervious to this shifting.

Distorted frames prevent the windows from opening all the way as well as closing all the way. That also means the locking mechanism won’t line up as well. You can try exerting pressure on the window sash to force it into position. However, be careful not to exert too much as you could damage the window permanently.

Most windows in San Antonio feature a sliding or rocker mechanism lock that needs the two components to align right. If they are even slightly out of position, the lock won’t catch. In many cases, the foundation will shift back to normal, but in other cases, foundation repair is needed.

Naturally, in cases like these replacing the window lock does nothing for the situation as it’s a much bigger problem.

Warped Frame

If your home has old wood windows, caulk around the window can wear down and allow water to leak inside. The frame takes on moisture in addition to the wood around the window opening. When wood gets wet it can swell and warp.

This can cause not only the frame and sash to become distorted but also the window opening. Once this happens, the problem is unresolvable without getting replacement windows in San Antonio.

Fortunately, The Window Source of San Antonio are experts at updating homes with old wood windows. Our replacement windows do not warp and should last at least several decades without needing painting ever.

If you’re still dealing with wood windows you should contact The Window Source of San Antonio for a free in-home consultation.

Objects Obstructing The Sash

If window frames are full of debris or built-up dirt, it can prevent the window sashes from lining up. Everything from shoddy window screens or foliage compressed into the tracks can block the window channels.

Additionally, built-up foliage can keep moisture within the frame causing the locks to rust and flake off. Enough of those flakes in between the lock and the catch can prevent the window from locking. Before replacing the lock, clean the channels and sill thoroughly.

Pay special attention to crevices around the lock and any areas that come in contact with the sash itself. Then, you want to lubricate the window channel with Pledge furniture spray. That’s the secret ingredient of most window techs.

It lubricates the channels thoroughly and keeps them lubricated for months. If after trying all of that, the window still won’t lock, you’ll need to investigate further. The frame might be damaged.

Damaged Frame or Window

If a window or the frame sustains a lot of wear and tear resulting in damage, it might need to be replaced. If that is the case, your windows are more than likely very old or cheap builder windows.

With that being said, you’re better off replacing all the windows in your home. The Window Source of San Antonio can help. Just contact us for a free consultation in the comfort of your home.

Consider Getting New Windows In San Antonio

If your windows are the cause of the locks failing such as warped wood frames, or distorted cheap windows, we want to talk to you!

We can help you get replacement windows that will boost your energy efficiency and offer many other benefits. All it takes is a phone call and we can get you started with our energy efficient vinyl windows.

Compared to other types of windows, vinyl strikes the perfect balance of cost and durability. Could you buy more expensive or less expensive windows? Sure you could, but is the tradeoff worth it—look at the problems you’re having now.

Why Our Vinyl Windows?

Our windows are made from 100% virgin vinyl which ensures durability even in the Texas heat. These windows are made in Texas for San Antonio homes. You won’t ever have to look up how to fix a broken lock. Our windows come with a lifetime warranty—if something’s wrong, we’re there, ready to fix it at no charge.

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