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Where Do You Locate The Serial Numbers?

A: So, in the top of every window up in the frame, is going to be a sticker with an 8-digit number. That’s the serial number, you’ll call us, tell us what that is, and we can order any part you need for your window.

We focused on this question this month as it is one of the most often asked questions with new window owners. The serial number on your window is important because it tells us everything we need to know about your window:

  • The Manufacturer
  • Date Of Production
  • Model Number
  • Date Of Installation
  • Parts List

Since we guarantee our windows for life, inevitably, some wear and tear parts may eventually need replacing after some time. Now, this usually doesn’t occur until after about 10-15 years of regular use but we still fix it regardless. Lifetime means LIFETIME.

However, the serial number is also important because sometimes accidents happen or you want to add windows to your home. Having the serial number allows us to match your windows as closely as possible or to order replacements should something happen.

Top FAQs For Replacement Windows In San Antonio

While we’re answering the above questions, we thought it would be a good idea to answer our public. When homeowners consider replacement windows in San Antonio, they often have a lot of questions, and they should! Asking questions is the only way you can learn.

So, we’ve gone through the FAQs we’ve answered in the past and pulled together some of the most often asked questions.

What’s The Difference Between Replacement Windows & Contractor Windows?

When you’re shopping for replacement windows in San Antonio, you’ll hear the terms contractor windows or builder’s windows. Often they’re mentioned along with replacement windows but they couldn’t be more different.

Replacement windows are a better quality window than contractor windows. The main reason is because home builders, unless the client has paid for an upgrade, always use the cheapest products. They do this to maximize the profit on their projects and only offer the minimum warranty required by law—just two years. Additionally, contractor windows are usually single pane, aluminum windows that are very inefficient.

In comparison, our replacement windows perform much better than these cheap windows. They’re double pane, double hung insulated vinyl windows. No two-year warranty here, ours are guaranteed for life. We can offer that because our windows are better designed with premium materials, and installed by our expert technicians.

 How Do I Know That It’s Time To Replace My Windows?

You might think that determining when it’s time to get replacement windows in San Antonio is complicated. However, it’s not difficult at all, you just need to look for these simple signs that your windows need to be replaced:

  • You have aluminum windows and notice the energy bills keep spiking higher and higher.
  • Your home has wood windows that are weathered, warping, and leaking air in and out.
  • Your windows won’t open any more due to a broken balance cord.
  • You have broken panes of glass.
  • There is condensation between the panes of glass on your double pane windows.
  • The windows you have are the original windows installed when the home was built.
  • The installation on your existing windows is bad, has poor seals, and is leaking air.

If any of these circumstances above are happening in your home, replacement windows are the ideal solution. They will correct every single one of the above issues and you’ll see lower energy bills and a boost in comfort. Not to mention they add value to your home.

Are Replacement Windows Installed From The Inside Or The Outside?
In most installs, replacement windows in San Antonio are installed from the outside. In rare cases, it may be impossible to install from the exterior of the home. In these situations, they would indeed be installed from inside the home.

However, your window consultation will reveal all the installation adjustments, if any, that we’ll need to make. Whether they install from inside or outside, the result is the same and the performance is not in any way hindered.

Will Replacement Windows In San Antonio Really Lower My Energy Bills?

The short answer is— absolutely they will! San Antonio homeowners lose almost 30% of their income to elevated heating and cooling costs due to inefficient windows.

The reason is that their windows are cheap windows that are not insulated at all. This allows the transfer of thermal energy between the interior and exterior of their home.

However, our replacement windows in San Antonio homes help save homeowners real money and increase the comfort level of their home. Our windows feature double-pane, gas-filled glass with insulated frames and tight seals around the window opening.

How Often Should I Replace My Home Windows?

It all depends on the quality of windows in your home. If you have the original windows the home was built with—replace them ASAP. Cheap contractor windows are the biggest reason San Antonio homeowners get replacement windows.

However, when you get windows from The Window Source, you will likely never have to replace them except in cases of accidental breakage.

Our windows are designed from virgin vinyl which is extremely durable and built to withstand Texas weather. However, even if you break a window or 20 years down the road a part wears out—our lifetime warranty covers it. You can’t ask for more peace of mind than that—we stand behind our windows 100%.

What’s With The Double And Triple Pane Glass, Is It Just A Gimmick?

This is a really good question that we get asked on 3 out of 4 in-home consultations. The quick answer is, no, it’s no gimmick. The multiple panes of glass by themselves create a thermal barrier that keeps heat inside your home when it’s cold. However, they also keep heat out when it’s hot, and our glass goes further.

Between those panes is an inert gas that adds even greater thermal resistance, thus creating an even stronger thermal barrier. The multiple panes also dampen ambient noise from outside, making your home more serene.

How Long Does Installation Take?

Most replacement windows in San Antonio can be installed on a house in one day, sometimes two with specialty windows. The style of window being installed, and the style being removed from the home play into that estimate as well. On average, we install one window in about 45 minutes, not including clean-up and trim work.

Are You Shopping For Replacement Windows In San Antonio?

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