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What Do I Need To Know Before Buying New Windows?

A: Generally, everybody likes to do their research. So, you want to make sure you go with a reputable company that’s local. That has a great warranty of course and provides the best customer service. Not only that but the best price guarantee in town.
Therefore, when you shop with Window Source, we offer all that. The best warranty, the best customer service, and of course—the best price in the industry.
In talking with homeowners shopping for new windows in San Antonio, we come across a lot of people that have been misinformed. There seems to be a lot of confusion and a lack of accurate information regarding replacement windows.
We understand that windows are one of the most overlooked components in most homes. They’re often seen more as cosmetic features only rather than important functional components. However, when you get new windows in San Antonio, you are making a huge impact.
Not only do you add value to your home, but you also increase the efficiency of your home. The windows that come with a new home or old single-pane windows are horribly inefficient. So, getting new windows helps save you money by reducing your electric bill.
We understand this is a business and a business sells products—that’s the goal. However, it’s not a goal that should supersede honesty and educating the customer. Unfortunately, there are dishonest companies out there that believe otherwise.
We believe that our windows need no gimmicks, dishonesty, or high-pressure tactics—they sell themselves. So, we present you with the information you need about our windows to make an educated decision. Before you shop for windows in San Antonio, let us give you a quick and honest rundown of things to know before you buy.

Cheap Windows In San Antonio Aren’t Good Windows

The biggest mistake homeowners make when shopping for new windows is getting caught up in the pricing game. What do we mean by that? Well, let’s take a look at a common scenario that happens with some dishonest window companies.
We’ll have a customer call us and ask for a roundabout estimate for the cost of one of our windows. When they ask us this it’s almost always because they saw company XYZ advertise a “$100.00 per window supersale.”
Let’s end the suspense right now… no quality replacement window will cost you $100.00. So, let’s show you how this gimmick works most often.

The Nickel And Dime Game

Once the salesperson visits your home, sure the window is $100.00. However, removal of your old window is another $100.00, re-sealing is another $75, putting the trim back is another $50. Do you want more than a 30-day warranty? That will be another $100.00. So, that “$100.00 window is now in fact, $425.00.
The worst part is, most of the time the window isn’t even that good of quality. Then when you DO need warranty replacement and you call—you guessed it, no answer or denied due to “fine print.” So, now you’re stuck looking for a real window company in San Antonio to replace the cheap garbage that wasn’t so cheap after all, only in quality. Listen, don’t fall for this hustle always remember, “cheap is never good, and good is never cheap.”
Now, that’s not to say that good windows can’t be affordable and reasonably priced. Think about it though, when is the last time you bought something that was the absolute lowest price and the best quality? It doesn’t happen, never will.
Instead, look for a window company that will only give you an estimate once they evaluate your home. Without seeing the windows they are replacing and any unique structural needs, no company can give you an accurate estimate. Companies that give you a bottom line price without even seeing your home are not going to be around if you need them.

Good Windows In San Antonio Don’t Need High-Pressure Sales

On the opposite end of the spectrum of the “too good to be true” pricing game is the classic pressure sell. We don’t do that at Window Source, but we know how companies do it. What they are trying to do is throw you off your rhythm and corner you into closing the sale. It’s a psychological tactic and you should know how to spot it.

But Wait…There’s More!

They usually come over and are very secretive about the price. They’ll make you sit through a long, drawn-out pitch that touts them as the premium choice. They’ll follow that presentation with an equally premium price—one that is insanely inflated.
Just like in car sales, they know you’re going to balk at that price, so they go through all these modifications to lower the price. They’ll tell you there’s this rebate and that credit, and “I’m not supposed to do this but…” line. All they’re doing is making you think they’re you’re “bud,” who’s giving you an insane deal. In reality, they’re simply quoting the true price in the end.
We don’t play games here. We give you our best price the first time, every time—we guarantee it. No back and forth, no gimmicks. We know our industry and we negotiate with our suppliers to be able to offer the best prices in San Antonio. That’s how we can make such a bold guarantee—no theatrics, no fake friends—we treat you like family.
We ask you detailed questions about what your needs and wants are in the windows for your home. We then show you the options we have and what each of the benefits are. Then we give you a clear and definite price—and you make the decision when you’re ready. No bonus offers, no act now or else, no hassle.

Which Material To Choose

Replacement windows in San Antonio can be constructed from different materials. The most common in San Antonio are vinyl, composite, and wood windows. Each material has its own strengths and benefits. What material you choose, is dependent on your preferences, style, and needs.

Vinyl Windows

Some customers get a negative perception of anything vinyl when it comes to home improvement—especially windows. However, that’s because they’re basing it off of cheap, low-grade vinyl windows that haven’t been made since the ’80s. The manufacturing process and quality of vinyl windows of today however are vastly different. Vinyl windows are very high quality and offer amazing efficiency at a price point most homeowners can afford. The vinyl used today compared to the ’80s is different as it’s vinyl that is “virgin.” This means it’s not recycled vinyl, rather, it’s vinyl that is formulated specifically for windows.
The issue with recycled vinyl is that vinyl has a memory—when it gets hot it reverts to its original mold. In San Antonio, the heat in summer is brutal, so if you used recycled vinyl in windows today, they’d warp during June and July.
The virgin vinyl we use results in a very high quality, energy-efficient window available in many colors. It won’t warp in any temperature, has the color embedded (no painting), and doesn’t transfer heat well which is why they’re so efficient.

Wood Windows

Wood windows offer many of the same appeal as vinyl windows especially in terms of energy efficiency. Wood windows are very durable as well and can last over 50 years with proper care and maintenance. Since wood has to be painted, your color options are unlimited. However, the issue with wood is that it’s susceptible to rotting, warping, and cracking over the years, and that greatly impacts efficiency.
The main reason to choose wood for windows in San Antonio is if you have a historical home and want to maintain that look. Additionally, if you’re looking for a premium look and more custom design options, wood is your option. However, keep in mind premium aesthetics and custom designs are very pricey. Wood is the most expensive material, especially with the lumber shortage in the U.S., but the investment can provide a good return.

Composite Windows

Composite windows can be considered a hybrid of vinyl and wood windows in terms of benefits. Composite offers the same efficiency, durability, and performance as vinyl but while having the appearance and feel of wood.
Composite windows fall between wood and vinyl in terms of cost and are a good compromise of price and premium looks. Since composite windows are relatively new in the industry, pricing can vary wildly from one manufacturer to the next.

It’s All About The Glass

The glass used in your windows is easily the most important thing to consider as it directly has the most impact on energy efficiency. We’ll cut to the chase—single-pane windows are useless, so that’s all we’re going to say about them. Instead, we’ll touch real quick on the most common glass options, all of which should have a Low-E coating. This coating reflects UV rays and keeps excess heat from coming into your home through the windowpanes.
Double Pane Windows (Our Standard)
Double pane windows are windows with two panes of glass sandwiched around a layer of Argon gas in the middle. This gas reduces heat transfer between the two panes and works in tandem with the Low-E coating.
Triple Pane Windows (premium)
If two panes are better, then three panes are the best right? Yes and no. In colder climates, triple pane windows do technically offer better protection—FROM THE COLD. We’re in San Antonio and rarely see the kind of cold these types of windows are designed for.

Get The Best Windows In San Antonio At The Best Price

When you add quality replacement windows to your home, you’re investing in the future. Those windows will increase the value of your home and the energy efficiency for decades. If you want the best windows, you need to contact us today for a free, no-hassle consultation.